Endemol Shine Gaming - Austin Powers

A slot based on the film, featuring 6 bonus rounds. Built using Typescript, PureMVC, Greensock and Spriter

austin-powers-1-medium austin-powers-2-medium austin-powers-3-medium

Working with Endemol Shine Gaming, I was asked to develop several features in the Austin Powers slot including bonus rounds, implementing their first portrait mode game and integrating into the Blueprint platform.

The game was built in Typescript, using PureMVC framework. Animations were developed using a combination of Spriter and Greensock.

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Scientific Games - Red Hot Wild slot

A slot game featuring wild selection and two big bet rounds, built using Typescript, Greensock and Spine

rhw-1-medium rhw-2-medium rhw-3-medium

Working with Scientific Games, I was asked to develop a frontend for a new slot called Red Hot Wild. The game features user based wild selection and two big bet rounds featuring stepping and persistent wilds.

The game was built in Typescript, using a custom MVC based rendering framework developed by SG. Animations were developed using a combination of Spine and Greensock.

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William Hill Slots - Cash Family Trilogy

A trilogy of desktop slot games for William Hill, developed in Flash

wh-slots-1-medium wh-slots-2-medium wh-slots-3-medium

Working with Nektan, I lead development for a trilogy of desktop slot games named 'Cash of The Day', 'Cash from the Past' and 'Cash to the Future'. They featured several bonus freespin rounds and modifiers such as 'Hold & Spin', 'Near Miss', 'Stacked Wilds', 'Extra Wilds' and more. Working with Kim Garpvall, we developed a framework based on the Robotlegs framework with Signals for event management, to contain each of the games.

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C4 Uplifted

An iOS/Android game for Channel 4 built using Nape for physics, Starling for GPU accelerated graphics & published using Adobe AIR.

uplifted_1_medium uplifted_2_medium uplifted_3_medium

Kanoti approached me with a requirement to build an iOS/Android app for Channel 4. Together we looked into development tools and decided on the AIR platform, for its build once, deploy to many capabilities. We decided to use the Starling framework to allow us to make use of the GPU in the phone for animations. I then looked into physics engines to use inside the game - either Box2D or Nape. I'd used Box2D several times before, but Nape was designed specifically with mobile devices in mind, and has been highly optimised to work on low spec devices. It was for this reason we decided to go with Nape.

A new challenge for me, as was my first mobile app, but one in which I enjoyed immensely and was pleased with the outcome.

Responsibilities: Build   Client: Channel 4   Agency: Kanoti Show more

CBBC Sport Superstars

A series of sports games (Balance, Agility and Strength) for CBBC built in Flash AS3.

cbbc-balance-medium cbbc-agility-medium cbbc-strength-medium

Working with Kanoti, I was asked to develop a series of games for a BBC project. Part of the Sports Superstars programme, I developed three training games, Balance, Agility and Strength. All were built in Flash AS3. Box2D was used in the Balance game for the physics.

Responsibilities: Build   Client: BBC   Agency: Kanoti Show more

30 Rock - Donaghy Kong

A platform game built for the DVD release of the American TV Series, based on the original version of Donkey Kong.

30rock-1-medium 30rock-2-medium 30rock-3-medium

Working with Market Me, I was asked to develop a platform game in the style of the original Donkey Kong. Built in AS3, using Box2D for the physics and FunGrid, a small framework for platform games.

Open Game

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ITV Saturday Night Takeover - Match & More Game

A card matching game for ITV Saturday Night Takeaway, built for mobile in HTML5 Canvas

gsk-bloodsmear-1-medium gsk-bloodsmear-1-medium gsk-bloodsmear-1-medium

Working with Naked Penguin Boy, I was asked to build a mobile game for ITV. Built in Canvas, the pair matching game features three levels, submission and a leaderboard of scores.

Responsibilities: Build   Client: ITV   Agency: Naked Penguin BoyShow more

Gamesys - Responsive Mobile Promotions

A series of templates for Gamesys' Virgin Games and Starspins brands, built using HTML5, React & Flux

gamesys-1-medium gamesys-2-medium gamesys-3-medium

Working with Gamesys, I built a series of templates to be used in promotions for their Virgin Games and Starspins brands using React JS and Flux. The promotions were optimized for mobile and tablet and were fully responsive. Using a combination of native canvas, Greensock GSAP, and Pixi JS libraries.

Responsibilities: Build   Client: GamesysShow more

JackpotJoy Quickity Pick

A competition to follow a national TV advertising campaign, developed in both Flash & HTML5.

quickitypick-1-medium quickitypick-2-medium quickitypick-3-medium

Working with Gamesys, I was asked to develop a desktop and mobile competition for a national TV advertising campaign. The competition was designed to entice users to sign up for their brand JackpotJoy. The desktop version was built with Flash AS3, while the mobile version built in HTML5.

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Corsodyl (GSK Pharmaceuticals) Homepage Takeover

A homepage takeover for Corsodyl on touch screen devices using HTML5 Canvas

gsk-bloodsmear-1-medium gsk-bloodsmear-1-medium gsk-bloodsmear-1-medium

Working with Wunderman, I was asked to build a blood smear effect in Canvas for an advertising campaign by Corsodyl. For use on touch screen devices, the ad was targeted on tablets only using the Celtra Ad Serving platform.

Responsibilities: Build   Client: Corsodyl (GSK Pharmaceuticals)   Agency: Wunderman UKShow more

Heineken Blind Pig Cider

A responsive website for a new cider by Heineken called Blind Pig, developed in HTML5

wh-slots-1-medium wh-slots-2-medium wh-slots-3-medium

Working with Fabric, I was asked to build a responsive microsite for a new cider brand by Heineken called Blind Pig. Built using HTML5 and jQuery, the one page site features page scrolling with a basic parallax effect for the foreground product imagery.

Responsibilities: Build   Client: Heienken   Agency: Fabric WorldwideShow more

Volvo Fleet Sales Presenter

A sales presenter site built for Volvo cars using HTML5, Boilerplate & jQuery

volvo-1-medium volvo-2-medium volvo-3-medium

Working alongside designer Ivan Pinto Bravo, we were tasked with conceptualising a sales presenter for Volvo to run via the web. It was targeting businesses considering a Volvo fleet for their staff. We spec'd out a series of templates which could be used to contain several formats of imagery and data to display all of Volvo's unique features.

Ivan produced a series of PSDs for each unique template, which I then converted to HTML5. The presenter was designed to be run in full screen, similar to a Powerpoint style presentation. We therefore decided that all images should be scalable and fit to the browser window to allow users with different resolutions to benefit from the powerful imagery. jQuery was used to manage this, and for basic DOM manipulation and animation.

Responsibilities: Conceptualising, Specifications, Build   Client: Volvo   Agency: Wunderman Show more

Landrover UK YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel for Landrover UK in Flash AS3 utilising Papervision 3D and YouTube APIs.

landrover-youtube-site-medium landrover-youtube-home-medium landrover-youtube-video-medium

Working with Wunderman, I was asked to develop a YouTube channel for Landrover UK. Kristina Matovic created a 3D model which I applied using Papervision 3D. The YouTube API was used to pull videos from several Landrover playlists. Built in AS3.

Responsibilities: Build   Client: Landrover UK   Agency: WundermanShow more

Ford Fiesta Homepage

A landing page for Ford Fiesta in AS3 using PureMVC framework.

ford-fiesta-home-medium ford-fiesta-mp3-medium ford-fiesta-voice-medium

Working with Wunderman, I was asked to develop the landing page module for Ford Fiesta. Together with Jugraj Sukhija we developed the module in AS3 using the PureMVC framework.

Responsibilities: Build   Client: Ford   Agency: Wunderman Show more

Ford Fiestaval Competition

A Facebook application for Ford Fiesta, built in Flash using the PureMVC framework

fiestaval-1-medium fiestaval-2-medium fiestaval-3-medium

Working with Wunderman, I was asked to develop a competition for Ford Fiesta. Working alongside Martin Shuttleworth we developed the competition using the PureMVC framework in AS3. The competition allowed users to submit photos from within Facebook, which were then sent to Ford for moderation. A set of restlful services were provided by Ford to handle this.

Responsibilities: Build   Client: Ford   Agency: Wunderman Show more

Banners...lots of them

Several banners using ad platforms including DoubleClick, FlashTalking, MediaMind, Celtra and more...

banners-nokia-lumia-medium banners-landrover-evoque-medium banners-mondeo-hpto-medium

A homepage takeover for Nokia Lumia, including a remake of snake game. Built for Yahoo UK using custom components in AS3.

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A YouTube custom gadget (takeover) for the Range Rover Evoque. Built using the YouTube API in AS3.

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A homepage takeover for Ford Mondeo. Built for Sky, Telegraph and Spectator using FlashTalking components in AS3.

Expandable banners

Several rich media expandable banners built for a range of clients. Click to view.

banners-mondeo-uncover-small banners-fiesta-squeeze-small banners-landrover-drives-small banners-landrover-winter-small banners-nokia-goodthings-small

Synced banners

Several rich media banners built to synchronise with another banner on the page. Click to view.

banners-fiesta-reverse-small banners-ellas-kitchen-small banners-keen-small

Responsibilities: Build   Agencies: Wunderman, Billington Cartmell, Immediate MediaShow more

National Grid Education

A Flash based interface for National Grid's website featuring various educational resources.

nationalgrid-1-medium nationalgrid-2-medium nationalgrid-3-medium

Working with DBDA, I was asked to build a Flash interface for National Grid's Educational website. Built in AS2, the interface featured several animations built using the Greensock Tweening library.

Responsibilities: Build, Animations   Client: National Grid   Agency: DBDAShow more

Nationwide Education

A series of Flash based games for Nationwide Education including Hot House, Pipe Work Panic and Money Matrix

nationwide-1-medium nationwide-2-medium nationwide-3-medium

Working with DBDA, I was asked to build a series of Flash games to help educate children in sustainability and finance. All games were built in AS2.

Responsibilities: Build   Client: Nationwide   Agency: DBDAShow more

London Safety Camera Partnership (LSCP) Educational Board Game

A Flash based board game for LSCP featuring quizzes, facts and more...

lscp-1-medium lscp-2-medium lscp-3-medium

Working with DBDA, I was tasked with building an educational board game for LSCP for both 1 and 2 players. Built in AS2, the game loads several external resources defined in XML. The more points you get from correctly answering facts, the higher score achieved.

Open Game

Responsibilities: Build   Client: LSCP   Agency: DBDAShow more

Richmond Essential English Mediabook

An interactive book for use on whiteboards in schools built in Flash

ee-1-medium ee-2-medium ee-3-medium

Working with IMW, I was tasked with building an interactive book for Richmond. Built in AS3, and published using Zinc, the software had many features to allow teachers to project books onto whiteboards and edit content. The software was packaged and resold to several clients, and I continue to support it to this day.

View Online Demo  Please note: No preloader, so may take a while to load

Responsibilities: Build   Client: Richmond Publishing   Agency: IMWShow more

Smart Learning - Phase 1 Phonics

A series of Flash based activities designed to help children learn phonics

sl-1-medium sl-2-medium sl-3-medium

Working with Smart Learning, I was tasked with building a framework and activities for a standalone CD-ROM based product. Built in AS2.

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Responsibilities: Specifications, Build   Client: Smart LearningShow more